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No 3G/4G data connection on my new device.

24 May 2020

Regularly we get the question from customers why there is no data connection possible on their new device, while it works with the same sim-card on another device.

This problem is caused by the provider, on a regular basis a provider receives from mobile phone manufacturers an overview of the new devices that have come on the market. It is up to the provider to add these new devices to their compatibility list, however, many providers are not actively adding devices from the smaller manufacturers.

Is a device not on this list? Then the device does not receive APN (Access Point Names) from the provider. As a result, it does not connect to the provider's data network.

How do you solve this?

Contact your provider and ask for the APN.

The APN settings can be entered manually in the settings of the device.

Once this is done, your device connects to your provider's data network.