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As an entrepreneur it can be wise to make the choice to spread out a large investment over a longer period of time. Leasing can then be a very suitable option. This will ensure that you have more liquid assets available to make other investments. Investments that can help your company move forward immediately, such as an advertising campaign, or a machine for the technical workshop. An additional advantage is that the monthly costs are fixed in advance. You know exactly how much money you will spend, for example, on the lease of an ATEX smartphone, a Dell ATEX tablet, or an i.safe-mobile ATEX tablet. An additional advantage is that leasing is often not seen by banks as a long-term loan and is therefore much better on your balance sheet.


Leasing ATEX equipment at Jenson ATEX Depot

ATEX leasing through Jenson ATEX Depot works like a financial lease. It is also possible to enter into a service contract. This means that when a tablet breaks down, it will be repaired immediately and free of charge. If repair is not possible, or takes longer, you will immediately receive a new tablet from us. As a result, your company remains in operation and ready for the next day.


Now opt to lease your ATEX equipment

Leasing a Dell tablet or any other device means you have less things to look forward to, so you can focus on the services or products your business offers. Jenson ATEX Depot is your partner and we are happy to share our expertise in leasing and hardware with you. So come and visit our Experience Center in Terneuzen, fill in our contact form or send us an email at [email protected]. You can also call us on +31 (0)115 648 501. We are looking forward to hearing from you.