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ot every job can be done in a team. When someone works alone, it can lead to dangerous situations. Guard is a mobile safety solution for lone workers who may find themselves in dangerous situations. On land and offshore. Via GPS or by using Bluetooth beacons.

Help always and everywhere

In the event of an alarm, Guard immediately takes the appropriate action by informing a designated person or department. The right person receives additional information about the type of alarm and the last known location of the person in need. Guard can be fully customized to your personal preferences. Integration with external alarm centers is certainly possible.


For both socially and physically unsafe situations
Danger comes in many forms. Whether it is a difficult job or an inconvenient visit. Guard increases your safety in both socially and physically unsafe situations!

Always an accurate location
In the event of an alarm, the Google maps address can be supplemented with a beacon address that provides the last indoor location passed.

Specially tailored for your organization
The Guard solution can be tailored to your organization. In this way, Guard is not only suitable for land-based operations, but also for your offshore operation.

Man-down technology
Guard has advanced man-down technology, which can independently detect calamities (man-down) and then automatically sound the alarm.


The timer allows alarms to be raised when an employee is working longer than expected. The timer runs both on the cell phone and on the Guard server. If the employee does not sign off within the set time, the alarm is triggered. This is ideal when work is carried out in places where there is no or poor coverage.

No longer moving or falling of the employee is detected by reading the sensors in the cell phone. The employee is informed that the alarm will soon go off by vibration and/or an acoustic signal. The man-down function is useful when dangerous work is performed out of the sight of colleagues.

Panic Button
Alarms can be triggered with the push of a button. The employee can be alerted that the alarm is about to go off by warnings and countdowns. A silent alarm can also be chosen so that the alarm can be sounded inconspicuously.


Location determination
Guard provides an accurate location determination based on GPS supplemented by algorithms that further increase the accuracy. In large buildings this may be insufficient and beacons can be placed additionally. In the event of an alarm, the last beacon address passed is passed on so that the employee can also be found more quickly in a building.

Intelligent alarm procedure
In the event of an alarm, Guard ensures that the alarm is always known to the correct employee or authority. It is also possible to set up a different alarm sequence per time window. Guard immediately provides additional information about the type of alarm and the last known location. The alarm procedure can be fully customized for your own organization.

High Privacy & Security
Guard ensures the privacy of employees by only showing location data when it sounds an alarm. The data is highly secured through the use of Microsoft Azure platform which includes secure SSL connections, hash checks, certificate pinning and timestamps.


The advantages of Guard

  • Quick and inconspicuous alarm
  • No additional equipment required
  • Higher productivity by limiting double deployment of employees
  • Contribution to good employment


Industrial sector

Do you have employees who only descend into basements and wells to take a sample, for example? Guard will alert you if something goes wrong in the basement or well. Do your employees work out of sight of colleagues or outside of regular working hours to solve malfunctions? With Guard, in these kinds of situations the safety of your employees is increased by using the Mandown functionality. In addition, by deploying Guard, you can work alone in more situations than before, which saves double deployment of employees.

Public sector

Are your employees on the road to a remote location and do they become unwell or trapped? With Guard it is possible to get in touch with them directly and offer help. Even when the possibility of social insecurity (such as aggression) may be present, Guard offers the possibility of a quick and unobtrusive alarm. A speech-listening connection is established automatically so that the person being alarmed can take immediate action.


Increase the safety of your employees!

Guard is a mobile safety solution for employees who work alone and may find themselves in dangerous situations.

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